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Property Maintenance Services

"Bearing in mind that 85% of what we do is power washing , when water restrictions are in place we are happy to pick up the slack and help out with small jobs around the house to help whittle your to-do list down to a more manageable level."

Here are a few jobs that clients have asked for help with:

-Gutter installation & cleaning

- Roof moss removal

- Lawn edging, mowing

- Raking leaves

- Tree pruning

- Trimming bushes

- Weeding

- Carving out trails through the bush

- Fixing fences

- Board & baton work

- Road crush application

- Cutting up logs for firewood

- Window & skylight cleaning

- Recycling, dump & green waste runs 

- Dealing with wood pecker holes

- Insulating exterior water faucets for the winter

- Changing door seals

- Shoveling snow

- Changing light bulbs

- Installing steps off the deck

- Cutting back tree branches and limbs before they reach the power lines

- Exterior painting of trim and fences

- Installing downspout diversion kits to help capture rain water

- Installing rain water totes

- Cleaning out driveway troughs

- Assembling shed  kits and  new lawn furniture

The list goes on and on as you can see...

If you're not sure about a task that needs some attention and doesn't appear here, just call and ask. 

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